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The Team at Knock Marketing and Design knows how talented they are - but don’t just take our word for it. Let us share a couple of our success story case studies. When choosing a company for your business marketing needs, you have to be sure that the company you choose understands that success is the only option. Your marketing company should come with enthusiastic recommendations from other professionals throughout the community. Don’t settle for expensive, mediocre service and design- join the hundreds of others who work with Knock Marketing and Design and watch your business grow into an extraordinary company.



Community 1st Bank

Jerry Lyon, President & COO

1. What were the deciding factors that made you choose Knock Marketing and Design to help you redevelop your website?

We were aware of the reputation of the company from various networking sources and when our existing administrator was not able to meet our needs with consistency and quality of performance, we turned to Knock for help.

2. Knock Marketing and Design made some suggestions to help improve the Community 1st Bank website - did your clients find them to be helpful?

We have received many positive comments from our clients and due to the fact that we can now make changes on a “as needed” and relatively immediate basis, we find  our clients and employees alike are now much more confident in making suggestions for areas of improvement.

3. What was the web design process like while working with Knock?

It has been an extremely professional and mutually beneficial relationship.  Their ideas and suggestions have proven to make for a very valued partnership.

4. How has the web design work that Knock performed helped Community 1st Bank be the success it is today?

Our web site is an integral part of our overall community outreach and as such, the information and “message” portrayed by the site must represent our bank in a way that displays our commitment and dedication to serving our community and the people who live and play here.  This is done well with Knock’s help.

5. How do you feel about the ongoing communication with Knock Marketing and Design?

I am very pleased with the relationship that has developed since we entered into our partnership with Knock.  Both David and Christi make customer service a priority and that manner of doing business has been evident all along the way for us.  In summary, we are extremely pleased with the service and support provided by Knock Marketing and Design.  It was a very good move for us to make!

HighPoint Medical

Skip Meyer, President

1. There are many web designers in the Coeur d’Alene and Spokane area, what made Knock Marketing and Design stand out to be the web designer and logo designer of your choice?

We do have many options for these services...and I am sure there are other companies that can do a great job. The choice for us was a simple one...David and Christi came to our office for our first interview...and they just listened to our needs. The energy between them and our team was incredible from that first meeting forward! The other thing we really liked about Knock Marketing & Design...was how expedient they were. Every time they promised a delivery date...they followed through and met the deadlines! This was huge to us as we launched our company. I also appreciate the fact that they are very reasonable in their pricing and that they have great follow-up support.

2. What was the process of working with Knock Marketing and Design like?

Very straight-forward. Christi works with us to put our thoughts and ideas on paper...and David articulates those ideas into a beautiful final product. I also appreciate how we are able to view visually what David has come up with...and make any necessary changes back and forth before the product goes live. They have always been extremely patient with us as we have made changes and upgrades several times.

3. How did the work that Knock Marketing and Design designed for HighPoint Medical (logo design and website design) help with the success of your Medical Practice Management Business?

Everyone who see's our site...loves it! We get many compliments on our "look" and "feel" to the website. We asked Knock Marketing for a professional look...but we didn't want it to look sterile or too medical. In our opinion they hit the perfect happy medium. I am grateful for the creative abilities of David and I am not very gifted in this area. It has been a real blessing to just be able to call them and say..."Here is what I have in mind...can you turn this idea into something that has a quality look?" We have never been disappointed with anything they have created for us.

4. What is the existing relationship and communication between HighPoint Medical and Knock Marketing and Design since the launch of your website in March 2010?

We communicate via email regularly. I always feel comfortable calling them to make slight changes...and those changes happen very quickly. At our company we like to promote our staff and have their pictures on our site...David is always very good about adding the new pictures as quickly as we get them to him.

The bottom line...I would choose this team all over again without hesitation! In fact we are in the process of adding another element to our services...and David and Christi are the first people I called.

Ironwood Family Practice

Katie Carey, Administrative Assistant

1. Can you describe the process of working with Knock?

In our experience, the process of working with Knock Marketing and Design has been wonderful. Finding a good web designer in Coeur d’Alene or Spokane can be a painstaking process but once we met with the team at Knock, we knew we were in the right hands. They took great care to explain everything and then took the reins. It was seamless.

2. What do your patients say about your website?

Since we had Knock Marketing create us a new website, we have been flooded with compliments from not only patients, but also other businesses in the area. Everyone compliments our website on how clean, easy to navigate and informational it is. That means the world to us - we know we are providing a wonderful service to our patients.

3. What is your ongoing professional relationship like with Knock Marketing and Design?

Knock Marketing and Design always answers their phone and is always available via email. We make important monthly updates to our website to keep our patients updated. They are such a professional and efficient team and we can always count on them to get our website design updates done when they say they will be done.

4. How has your new website changed your business?

Our new website has vastly improved our business since we are able to remind patients they might be due for an appointment through our rotating news feed, the website is extremely user friendly, and we now pull up in the top two results from any search engine when someone searched for family practice in our area.

5. Would you recommend Knock to your friends, family and other medical professions?

We highly recommend Knock Marketing to anyone interested in having a successful website! We are so happy we chose Knock Marketing and Design to design our medical website- we recommend them every chance we get.

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